Wedding Bar Service

About our Wedding Bar Service

Service provided

With our bar service we will provide you with a glass list based on your decided table setting (usually one water and one wine glass per setting) and the necessary glassware required for the bar
We can also help guide you with drink quantities required. Our staff are attired in black and white with a black apron so they are easily identifiable to guests.

Our Bar service includes setting glassware on dining tables, setting chilled water carafes and wines prior to dining. We also provide a staffed bar throughout the evening, clear and repack glassware and remove empty bottles.

The bar staff can stay on till evening's end or a time arranged in advance. If you would like to provide your own bar staff we have a list of duties and advice sheet which will inform the bar staff of the requirements to help make the function run smoothly. If you decide on using your own bar staff we are happy to offer advice on glassware and drink quantities.