Spit Roast Delivery Service

Tasty Spit Roast Palmerston North deliver delicious, freshly-roasted meats and other food direct to your venue

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Function Meal Delivery

Once you have contacted us and confirmed a date for your function, we will finalize the menu and book your function.

Delivery of your meal

  • The meal will be delivered to your venue just prior to your dining time. 
  • You will need to provide suitable table space to accommodate the numbers attending (this information will be sent to you with the final details sheet). 
  • We will provide disposable tablecloths for the buffet table.
  • The tables must be able to withstand hot dishes. 
  • We will lay the table cloth, set out your dishes and open your meal ready for dining.
  • The salads are delivered in pop-top resealable salad bowls.
  • The meat and hot vegetables in tinfoil trays. 
  • The French bread is sliced, spread with olivani and plattered. 
  • Quality compostable crockery and cutlery contained within baskets are provided. (Baskets to be returned)
  • Plates are separated with napkins. 
  • Salt n  pepper and condiments are in pop top resealable containers.
  • Stainless steel serving tongs and spoons are provided for all dishes along with plastic gravy jugs (these need to be returned to us).
  • Once the meal is set and ready for dining, my staff will depart and leave you to your meal.

My staff and I provide a friendly, flexible and efficient service; the meals are generous by design with many familiar tastes to suit a wide range of people.