Spit Roast Delivery Menu

Tasty Spit Roast Palmerston North will deliver perfect hot meals to your event

Self Serving Spit Roast Menu - Minimum 25 people

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Spit Roasted Meats

  • table-layout-tasty-spit-roast-palmerston-north-nz.jpgPrime Rump Roast: Marinated with garlic and canola oil. Tender and juicy
  • Rolled Shoulder of Pork: Rubbed with salted oil for crackling, succulent and juicy
  • Supreme Ham: Quality smoked ham off the bone
  • Golden Roasted Chicken: Chicken pieces marinated to taste

Under 50 people, choose two meats. Over 50 people, choose three meats.

All spit roast menus served with:

  • Gourmet Potatoes buttered and garnished with mixed herb Olivani or mint
  • French stick sliced and spread with Olivani, delivered in baskets.
  • Condiments of salt 'n' pepper, hot gravy, honey mustard and apple sauce.

Please choose five salads or vegetables or a mixture of both (total of five) to complete your meal.

Salad options

  • greek-salad-outside-caterig-palmerston-north.jpgFresh Green Leaf Salad
  • Rainbow Coleslaw
  • Bombay Rice
  • Chinese Noodle
  • Hawaiian Ham Pasta
  • Greek Salad
  • Tuna Pasta
  • Thai Noodle Winter

Vegetable options

  • bombay-salad-event-catering-palmerston-north.jpgBaked Kumara
  • Baked Pumpkin
  • Brocolli Mornay (seasonal)
  • Cauliflower Mornay
  • Baby Carrots
  • Green Peas


Choose one dessert (or talk to us for further options)

  • Fresh creamed Pavlova
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Peach Passion Fruit Cheesecake
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake

All desserts are served with Tropical Fruit Salad.

All spit roast meals are served with quality disposable plates, cutlery, and napkin and table clothes for the buffet table. China crockery and stainless steel cutlery are available at $4.50 per person. Buffet tables are available upon request.

Spit Roast Delivery Prices

Delivery outside Palmerston North city will attract labour and vehicle costs.

  per person per person with dessert
Over 50 Adults $24.50 $28.50
Below 50 adults $26.50 $29.50