Mid-Winter Christmas Menu

Self-serving mid-winter Christmas menu

Minimum of 25 people

Spitroasted meats

  • Golden roasted chicken: fresh chicken, deboned and rolled with stuffing.
  • Champagne ham: served hot with our special glaze.
  • Rolled shoulder of pork: rubbed with salt and oil for delicious crackling.
  • Prime Rump Roast: marinated with garlic and oil,tender and juicy.
  • Rolled lamb leg seasoned and rubbed with Rosemary: please contact us so that we may price this for you.

More than 50 diners: choose three meats from the above menu.
Fewer than 50 diners: choose 2 meats.

Winter Vegetables

  • Gourmet potatoes
  • Mixed medley of roast vegetables (kumara, pumpkin, red onion and rosemary)
  • Broccolli and cauliflower in a rich creamy cheese sauce (Gluten Free)
  • Peas
  • Baby carrots glazed with herbed Olivani
  • French stick softly baked, sliced and spread with olivani.

Condiments to suit your meal

  • Golden roast gravy (Gluten Free)
  • Apple sauce (with the pork)
  • Honey mustard
  • Mint sauce (with the lamb)
  • Salt and pepper

Dessert Options

Please choose one dessert from the list below. Desserts are supplied with tropical fruit salad.

  • Pavlova Freshly creamed and decorated with kiwi fruit.
  • Brownie Wicked chocolate brownie dusted with icing sugar.
  • Cheesecake Passion fruit, strawberry or raspberry
  • Apple crumble

Add an extra dessert for $2.50/person. Condiments for desserts such as whipped cream or ice cream  can be added to the dessert options for little extra cost - please just ask.

All meals are served with quality disposable plates, cutlery, napkins and disposable table cloth for the buffet table delivered to your dining venue.

PRICING MAIN MEAL ONLY $24.50 per person or with dessert $28.50 per person. Our menus are flexible and supplied with friendly service so please contact Andrew or Hollie for further options.

Delivery cost applies outside of Palmerston North.

Give us a call now to talk through your exact requirements - no obligation whatsoever