Light Meal Menu

This page shows our value-for-money menu items for your informal events - morning teas, afternoon teas, luncheons etc.

Light Meals from Tasty Spit Roast - Menu

Item Description Cost (+GST)
Dinner Rolls A mixed platter of baby filled rolls with a variety of fresh and traditional fillings including vegetarian $2.50
Long Rolls a larger helping for healthy appetites a mixture of roll toppings to choose from. Offered as a round roll also $3.80
Sandwiches A whole sandwich cut in half or into quarters then plattered for delivery $3.20
Club Sandwiches (3 slices) cut in half then plattered for delivery $4.20 or $2.10 half portion
Savouries A variety of freshly-baked mixed savouries including sausage rolls and vegetarian options. $1.80
Chicken Drumsticks seasoned with soy, honey and ginger or tandoori spices $2.00
Muffins both sweet and savoury, chocolate chip,blueberry and apple. SAVOURY, cheese or cheese onion and bacon $2.50
Scones Fresh scones baked plain, with cheese and cayenne pepper or fruit. $1.50
Cakes Chocolate, Banana with chocolate ganache or lemon icing, Sultana. All Cakes $35.00 each - 15 slices
Fresh Fruit Kebabs Freshly cut seasonal fruits skewered for convenient dining. Includes pineapple, rock and water melon, kiwi fruit, oranges and red & green grapes. $2.00 per person
Cheese & Crackers A variety of crackers with tasty and Colby cheeses along with tomato relish and mango chutney. $1.50 per person


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Delivery charge $15 in Palmerston North area.

All prices exclude GST. Accounts to be settled by the Wednesday of the following week unless otherwise arranged with management please.